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A Look at The Sims 4 DLC

Since the release of The Sims 4, EA has released two expansion packs, two game packs and a number of stuff packs. Each of these have different price points and cover a particular theme. In this guide, I'll explain the features of each item and whether you should buy it.

Expansion Packs

Expansion packs offer the most content and typically involve adding some major elements to the base game.

Get to Work

Get to Work adds active careers to the game. This includes detective, doctor and scientist. You can choose to follow your Sims in those careers to their job and guide them through their daily tasks. In the detective career, for example, you'll need to gather clues at crime scenes and discover the identity of the criminal. The expansion also allows your Sims to run their own retail stores, similar to the Open for Business expansion in The Sims 2. You can sell anything you want at a retail store.

The scientist career will require you to do some very interesting tasks.
Who should buy it?
If you want more to do with your Sim's careers, this is a good expansion for you. The active career feature is similar the one found in The Sims 3, and running a business is similar to the Open for Business expansion from The Sims 2. However, I feel that retail aspect lacks one main thing that The Sims 2 had: a ticket system. You can only sell stuff in Get to Work; you can't run a coffee shop or a movie theater. The pack is full of tons of CAS stuff, including some really great clothes and furniture pieces. The active careers are quite fun as well, especially the science career.

Get Together

Get Together shakes up the social features in the game completely by allowing you to form your own clubs. If you run your own club, you can choose who can join and the sorts of activities that are allowed and banned by the club. This lets your Sims have social gatherings that seem much more organic than the base game allows. Instead of just having a friend or two come over and just mess around with your garbage or play your computer, your group will actually do things together.

Just the cooking club eating small versions of themselves.
Who should buy it?
If you only want to buy one piece of DLC, I would strongly suggest Get Together. The club and gathering features adds plenty to the game and gives you more creativity with social groups then ever before. The possibilities are pretty limitless with this. For example, if you want free fruits but don't want to do the gardening yourself, start a gardening club so that your Sims' new friends will take care of the dirty work for you. You could start a children's playgroup, a book reading club, a fight club for bored housewives and so on.

Game Packs

Game packs are between expansion and stuff packs. They typically involve some gameplay content and new CAS items, but nowhere near the level of an expansion pack.

Outdoor Retreat

Outdoor Retreat gives your Sims a vacation destination: Granite Falls. While there, your Sims can stay in a cabin (or a tent), hike in the woods and gather new plants and seeds. They can also play horseshoes and hang out around a fire to tell each other ghost stories. Outdoor Retreat also comes loaded with a lot of great CAS and furniture pieces. On the CAS side, most of the content is outdoorsy/recreation pieces, like hiking boots and shorts. On the furniture side, you'll find cabin-style chairs, decorations, lanterns and a giant statue of a jackalope.

Who should buy it?
Outdoor Retreat is currently the only DLC that gives your Sim the option to take a vacation. If you love the outdoors yourself, Outdoor Retreat is a safe bet.

Spa Day

Spa Day adds new gameplay, including the wellness skill which allows your Sims to meditate and do yoga. Your Sim can travel to spa venues for massages, yoga classes and relaxation. It also comes with two aquariums that you can use to display your catches; you don't even need to feed the fish to keep them alive!

Learning how to meditate.
Who should buy it?
If you just want to give your Sims more things to do and more ways to relax, this is a good pack. The items that come with the pack are some of my favorite, and I use them in most of my Sims' houses.

Dine Out

With Dine Out, your Sims can go out to eat and run their own restaurant. This pack doesn't add any new traits or aspirations, but it is well stocked with items for building and new CAS options. Running a restaurant is a bit limited; your Sim will only work as a manager at the restaurant, and there aren't many tasks for a manager to fulfill. Visiting restaurants does give your Sims more things to do, however.

Who should buy it?
If you're interested in running a restaurant, you'll have fun with this pack, as long as you don't expect an elaborate management system.

Stuff Packs

Stuff packs generally include a nice collection of hairstyles, clothes, a few pieces of furniture and a couple of minor gameplay objects. If you're having trouble deciding on stuff packs, choose the ones that you think best fit your interests and what you like to do with the Sims. The stuff packs don't bring much new to the gameplay; they just add fun little things to your Sims' lives. Here's a quick rundown of each stuff pack:

Luxury Party Stuff

This pack is for all the players who love to throw parties. It comes with some very nice dresses for the ladies, some questionable outfits for the guys and furniture for your parties. It also comes with two items for new gameplay: the Fountain of Mirth and buffet tables. The fountain lets you serve special sauces to your guests, including chocolate and caramel.

Perfect Patio Stuff

Perfect Patio Stuff brings hot tubs to The Sims 4 and plenty of furniture to outfit your patio. There are also some new swimsuits and outfits for cooking with the BBQ.

Cool Kitchen Stuff

In this pack, your Sims can cool off with some tasty ice cream flavors that have special effects, including weight loss. The pack also comes with some nice kitchen furniture, including glass cabinets and decorations. There's also a fair amount of new tops for both genders.

Spooky Stuff

Spooky Stuff lets your Sims celebrate Halloween with costume parties and pumpkin carving. The pack has plenty of fun decorations for your home, including haunted paintings and cobwebs for your walls. The candy bowl is a new interactive item for your Sims.

Movie Hangout

With this stuff pack, your Sims can enjoy the cinema from the comfort of their own homes. The pack comes with two projector screens (indoor and outdoor) that allow your Sims to watch a variety of fun movies. The pack also comes with clothes and furniture that are all in a funky bohemian style. The pack also includes a popcorn maker.

Romantic Garden

Flower fans can find plenty of floral themed outfits and decorations in this stuff pack. The pack also comes with a wishing well, a new gameplay item that lets your Sims make wishes. Although the pack doesn't offer tons of new plants and flowers, it does offer a nice variety of sculptures and other garden accessories.

Kids Room

This stuff pack expands the CAS and furniture options for child Sims, including new hair and clothes. The pack also introduces two new gameplay items: a puppet theater and void critter battles. Void critters operate similiar to Pokemon and other monster catching games. Kids must collect the cards in order to battle againist each other.

Backyard Stuff

Backyard Stuff adds more furniture for your Sims' backyards. The main highlight is a water slide. It also adds bird feeders and wind chimes to the game.