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How to Avoid Boredom in The Sims 4 and Keep Your Game Interesting

Try a Challenge

Challenges have been a staple in The Sims community since The Sims 2. The Legacy Challenge is one of the original challenges if not the original. In this challenge, you'll be working on maintaining a family line for ten generations. The first few generations are particularly tough, as you may find yourself selling parts of your house in order to avoid having the power turned off. The Legacy Challenge isn't the only challenge out there, however. Over at Carl's Sims 4 site, you can find the Immortality Challenge. This challenge is perfect for those that want to do a legacy-style challenge without having to watch their founder and heirs pass away. You can find more challenges organized by category here.

Do Something You Haven't Done Before

Think about your typical play style for The Sims 4 and consider doing the exact opposite. For example:
  • Do you always stick with playing a single Sim until you get bored? Try playing a family of Sims.
  • Do you tend to use the same traits over and over again? Next time, make a Sim with a trait you don't normally use. You can also try using some of the more challenging traits, like insane.
  • If you tend to stick to playing one gender, try playing the other gender.

Avoid Using Cheats

There's no shortage of cheats in The Sims 4. You can use cheats to prevent death, make houses cost nothing, replenish motive bars and much more. Of course, there's always the money cheats as well. Money cheats are fun when you want to build an awesome mansion full of high-end furniture without having to watch your Sim head to work for days on end. But if you thrive on a little challenge, skip the money cheat and have your Sims work for their glamorous mansion. Limiting yourself to only the cheats that change the aesthetics of the game (the moveonobjects cheat) will add some difficulty to your game and may help you stay interested for longer.

Try Building

Some players prefer to spend their time making houses and community lots. If you've never tried building in the game, now is the perfect time to start. While it's fun to download new lots from the gallery, imagine playing with your Sims in a house you made yourself. Building is intimidating, but putting some practice time into it can help you improve your skills and move well beyond glorified boxes.

Learn How to Make Custom Content

Custom content is a great way to add some new styles to your game. Many players have downloaded custom content, but only a few players consistently make custom content. Thanks to Sims 4 Studio anyone can make custom content, even with only limited graphical skills. When you start out, you probably won't be able to make new hairstyles, but you can easily recolor a shirt or piece of furniture. Making and sharing custom content will open you up to a whole community of creative Sims fans.

Start a Blog

Keeping a record of your Sims' exploits is a great way to stay invested in your game. Some players who take on the Legacy Challenge use a blog to share the stories of their families and to track their progress. You can be as creative as you want with this, including writing out dialogue or just coming up with interesting plotlines. Be sure to take plenty of screenshots to share with your posts.

Look for Inspiration

Seeing how other people play The Sims 4 is a great way to inspire new creativity in your own game. You can look for blogs and Youtube videos showing off how others play the game. Spending some time on tumblr and The Sims reddit may give you some extra ideas for new things that you can try.

Slow Down

When I'm playing the game, I have a tendency to try to blast through the game quickly in order to accomplish whatever I have in mind, whether it's completing a challenge or finishing an aspiration. When I feel myself getting a bit bored, I try to remember to slow down and enjoy the game at a more leisurely pace. Turning down the normal speed lets you enjoy the game at a slower pace and see things you wouldn't normally see at one of the faster speeds.

Work on Achievements

The Sims 4 has a long list of achievements; some of them are a little more challenging to earn. There are several achievements for those who love to play Legacy-style games and some that are unusual, such as woohooing with a ghost. Achievements are viewable in the game, or you can look at a list here.