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Custom Content Styles in The Sim 4

If you've spent any time downloading custom content for your game, you've probably noticed several different styles for hair, objects and clothes. This article will look at all the types with examples to clear up any confusion.

Maxis Match

The Sims 4 art style is very cartoony and similiar in many ways to The Sims 2. Maxis match custom content matches the look and feel of the game. This type of custom content blends easily into the art style of the game. Here is an example with my Sim using hair by Sim-Blob and wearing an outfit created by Veranka.

Alpha Hair

Alpha hairstyles are similiar more to The Sim 3 than 4, but the style of custom content has been around since The Sims 2. The alpha term refers to the item's alpha channel or transparency. With this style of custom content, you can have individual hair strands, shine and blended colors. This hair tends to look more realistic, but it doesn't blend in with the game's default art style. Here's a close-up of some alpha hair (source):

Realistic Clothes and Objects

Realistic clothes and objects feature textures that you won't find in Maxis-match custom content. Default game hair/objects and CC hair/objects typically use simple lines and flat surfaces. Here's another example of alpha hair and a realistic dress with textures (hair and clothes sources)


Some custom content creators have taken alpha hairs and attempted to make them blend more into the Maxis-match style by keeping the framework of the hair. The following pictures show the original alpha hair (source) followed by the clayified edit (source):