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Frequently Asked Questions about The Sims 4

I compiled this list based on questions and discussions I frequently see on Tumblr, The Sims Reddit, the official sites and other Sim hangouts.

Is The Sims 4 worth buying?

You can probably guess my answer to this question, as the existence of this site should indicate that I love The Sims 4. I do think The Sims 4 is an excellent entry to the series. Is it the same as the previous ones? No, but change is a good thing, otherwise it would get stale fast. If the lack of open world from The Sims 3 is something you're really worried about, then you might not like The Sims 4. But if you think The Sims 2 was better than 3, I think you'll be just fine with 4.

How can I get the game for cheaper?

Origin frequently has sales on the base game and the DLC. There is almost always a sale around the winter holidays, for example. Just keep checking their site for the sales.

What is Maxis match?

Maxis match is a term used to describe custom content that fits the aesthetic style of The Sims 4. This type of custom content features the same cartoon/clay look of the content made by Maxis.

How do you install mods/custom content?

You can read my guide here.

Is it safe to use custom content and mods?

Yes, properly made mods and custom content won't harm your game or your computer. However, you should always exercise caution when downloading files from the Internet. Running a good anti-virus program is a good start, and only downloading content from known creators can help protect your computer. I run a virus scan on every file CC file that I download just to be sure. I've yet to have any problems, nor have I heard of anyone having any issues with CC for The Sims 4.

Which DLC packs are worth the cost?

You can read my thoughts on the DLC here.

What should I when I run into a technical problem?

Start by repairing your game. I do this every single time I have a problem and every time a new patch comes out. Simply click on the game in Origin, and select repair game. It will take a bit of time, depending on how much DLC you have. If you still have problems, try the official forums or the Sims Reddit for more help.

How is The Sims 4 different from previous games in the series?

The big new feature of The Sims 4 is the emotions system. Emotions affect Sims in a variety of ways and allows them to perform actions they can't do in other emotional states. An angry Sim, for example, will stomp around and kick garbage cans over. A flirty Sim can paint romantic paintings. Going to work while feeling a certain emotion can boost your Sim's performance at their job, and emotions can also affect how they engage with others.

Another big feature of The Sims 4 is the game's speed and stability. For most players, The Sims 3 was a laggy mess that sometimes wouldn't even run properly on a cutting-edge computer. In order to improve the performance in The Sims 4, a few features from The Sims 3 are gone. This includes the open world system and the CASt feature. While some fans are displeased at the loss of these features, those with bare bones computers are enjoying a speedy game that runs great.

The Sims 4 also features a new direction the art style. This cartoony/clay look is reminiscent of The Sims 2 and gives the game an adorable style that stands out.

Where are the toddlers?

Only EA/Maxis can answer this question. There are many fans who refuse to play The Sims 4 until toddlers are added. Personally, while I've always found the toddlers to be absolutely adorable, I found them to be a chore to deal with as you rushed to get their skills up before they aged. If toddlers come back, I hope there will be some changes.

How can I make my own custom content?

Thanks to the existence of The Sims 4 Studio, you can make your own custom content. In order to download the program, you'll need to register on the website's forums. You'll find a community of very helpful people and plenty of tutorials to get you started. A good place to start is with recoloring Maxis-made hair, clothes and objects. You'll only need the program and a simple paint program to make recolors.