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Mods for The Sims 4

Mods are optional programs that make changes to your game. These programs are written by fellow gamers and often make quality of life improvements to the game. I don't use a lot of mods in my game, but I've collected a list of some of the more useful ones available.

Gameplay Mods

MC Command Center
If you ever played The Sims 3, you were probably familiar with a number of mods from a modder named NRaas, including MasterController. This mod attempts to bring some of the same functionality to The Sims 4, especially when it comes to adding story progression elements to your game. Most players use this mod to keep the town's houses populated and pair up Sims that you aren't playing so that the population stays fresh. The mod also comes with a number of other useful addons, including ghost management and NPC wardrobe management. ModtheSims has an adult sister site with an add-on for this mod to fine-tune the woohoo interactions in the game.

Mod Packs

Go to School
With this mod, you can follow your child and teen Sims to school. It functions much in the same way as the active careers from Get to Work; your Sim will have a set number of tasks to perform in order to raise their grades. If you love playing with child and teen Sims but want a bit more to do, this mod is perfect for you.

Turbo Careers
Turbo Careers adds functionality to existing careers in the game to make them more like the active careers introduced in Get to Work. If your Sim is an astronaut, you'll be able to follow them on their job as they work on the rocket, explore space and more.

Politics Mod Pack
This pack adds a new career and new interactions to the game. The interactions include protest leadership, influence and debating.

Lighting Mods

This is a lighting mod intended to help reduce the amount of blue the indoor lighting in the game gives.

NoGlo does the same as the above but with individual Sims.


Package Conflict Detector
This program scans your mods to look for any files that conflict and could cause serious issues in your games, including crashes.

CAS Mods

Custom CAS Backgrounds
Changes the background color in CAS.

Stand Still
If you've ever been frustrated with your Sim moving around while you work on perfecting their look, this is the mod for you. This mod stops the Sim you're working on creating from moving around. They will stand still and blink, nothing more.

CAS Details Enabler
This mod lets you edit details of your Sims' appearence without having to use cheats or the full CAS edit mode.

Quality of Life Improvements

There are also tons of minor mods that add quality of life improvements to the game, ranging from removing grime on your Sims to adding a working teapot. You can find many of them below, sorted by creator.

Mods by Zerbu

Mods by Plasticbox

Mods by Shimrod101

Mods by Scumbumbo

Mods by Weerbesu